First Friday Downtown Art Walks in Presque Isle, Maine occur monthly and draw locals and tourists from throughout Aroostook County and New Brunswick, Canada.  

The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce has acted as an organizational hub for the events, while others participate freely.  Wintergreen Arts Center, Morningstar Art & Framing, Merchants on the Corner, Cafe Sorpreso are staples.  Others include HardScrabble Solutions, Anomic Chameleon Creatives, and Copper’s Lounge at the Northeastland Hotel.  The University of Maine Presque Isle features the Reed Art Gallery and the Pullen Art Gallery, which showcase students and professional exhibits.

January 2018

Stop in HardScrabble Solutions Friday, January 5th, 2018 anytime from 5 – 9 pm to view the newest collaborative mural painted by Lin Trombley & Caitlin Sanipass with original artwork on display! *  

This event is FREE with light refreshments served and children’s activities in the play area.  

*Due to winter weather, event postponed until this Sunday, January 7 from Noon – 3 pm and will coincide with First Friday moved to First Sunday ~ Hemphill Family at Wintergreen Arts Center.

HardScrabble Solutions is a family-friendly co-working space in DowntownPresque Isle, Maine striving to facilitate women’s participation in economic activities. Co-workers include remote customer service agents, UX & web designers, sales consultants, nutritionists, massage therapists, Chinese language instructors, KidzJam and KidzCode teachers, sensory playgroup organizers, photographers and artists. Free to nonprofits such as La Leche League of Central Aroostook and Girl Scouts of Maine.

“I have been creating since I can remember. I have many creative outlets but one of my favorites is painting. I mostly paint with acrylic but also enjoy playing around with watercolor. I tend to be drawn to painting nature. Painting lots of trees and flowers. It’s like my safe spot. I often use art to help calm me and change my moods. Painting nature helps get my head in a calm peaceful place. Recently I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and paint all sorts of different subjects. Some more challenging than others, it has been a learning experience.

I love to share art with others which is why I participate in many art events with Wintergreen. Including being a regular Sip and Paint Artist. Sip and paints are so much fun and really help others to discover a creative bone in their body. As well as teaching Sip and Paints for Wintergreen I teach them on my own and love in home parties. 

“I take advantage of any chance I can get to display my art in shows. As well as participating in all sorts of art events. But one of my favorite ways to display and share my art is to hide them around town. Every so often I hide a painting around town and take a photo of it. When someone finds it they can keep it! 
My main goal with art is to that someone else will find the piece if mind I felt when I painted or created something. And even better if it inspires them to create as well.”

“Born in 1989 in Presque Isle, Maine, Lindsay (Lin) Trombley is a self-taught abstract artist with a strong focus on incorporating mixed media into her work. Trombley studied online at The Academy of Art University in 2010 briefly before the birth of her first daughter, but decided to step away from her studies to focus on her growing family.

“Upon discarding her online studies, Trombley started working intensely on developing her artistic ‘voice’ & exploring different themes & elements within her work. Her intention is to grab her viewer’s attention by presenting controversial topics within abstract imagery, allowing the de-coding of the image up to each individual. Trombley’s work can be found publicly & privately within Maine & has been seen in various local exhibitions such as The Wintergreen Arts Center, Featured Artists at The Aroostook Medical Center, & through commission-based work through-out her hometown. Her most memorable commissions were window murals painted at LiveWell United & HardScrabble Solutions. She enjoys participating in community events focused on the arts whenever possible. Lin is currently working on bringing to life her biggest passion, Anomic Chameleon Creatives, Studio & Gallery. She plans to secure a permanent location to offer open-concept artist studio rentals & host monthly exhibits for artists to be able to showcase their work. Realizing there is grand need for a haven for artists to exist where they can collaborate, source inspiration from & have dedicated workspace in the form of an open studio, Lin began work to make this dream a reality.

“She currently lives & works as a full-time artist out of her home studio in Presque Isle, Maine with her husband & two daughters. Lin views her work as “an approach to creating intense personal moments that are reflected within textured layering on the canvas” with strong references in regards to social, environmental, personal, natural, spiritual & cultural issues. Recently she has started exploring how fiber and metal work can coexist within her paintings & her artistic practice. She hopes to create a platform within her work to manifest waves of change & to advocate for those whose voice may not be heard otherwise. You can view her growing offerings at and also social media platforms!”

Photographs of Caitlin Sanipass and Lin Trombley at work were taken byMouse Island Creatives at the recent Brews and Brushes! Live Art Battle hosted by Aroostook Partners in the Arts at Wintergreen Arts Center and compiled by Anomic Chameleon Creatives.

December 2017

HardScrabble Solutions is founded on ideals of equality for all respecting the inherent dignity of workers and their families.  We respect traditions of all peoples  and for the month of December features a scene of global reach for our Tech Girl who sits connected to the world through her laptop beside a warm fire with tributes to multiple faith upon the mantle.  

We wish all the gift of peace.

“World Peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. World peace is an idea of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare. The term is sometimes used to refer to a cessation of all hostility among all individuals. For example, World Peace could be crossing boundaries via human rights, technology, education, engineering, medicine, diplomats and/or an end to all forms of fighting.”


October 2017

HardScrabble Solutions‘ Monthly First Friday Downtown Art Walks Open House welcomes folks of all ages to assist in creating an Autumn Scene by collaborating to paint our windows! Use hands, brushes, stencils, and more to unleash your creativity in an Autumn Scene – together. 

Girl Scouts of Maine and local vendors will be present with information for families. 

As always, HardScrabble Solutions is family-friendly featuring a dynamic play area for children. 

Refreshments will be served.

September 2017