Dynamic and Flexible

Family-friendly coworking office, private event space, and business incubation services.  

Dynamic solutions for your business and professional needs.

Flexible, affordable, and family-friendly offerings.

What is Coworking?

We have adopted the most inclusive definition of coworking.  We recognize that the hardscrabble economy of Aroostook County is dynamic.  Our flexible downtown space can be used by any individuals or groups.  
If you are a mother needing (or desiring) to bring your children into work for your remote job…  You can work here.  
If you are new or established business needing a central meeting location, staff workspace, or just require technical help from the UX Team… You can work here.  
If you host community events… You can work here (with free event space for nonprofits).
Learn more about coworking at HardScrabble Solutions here.

UX & Web Design Team

Our in-house team of professionals provide User Experience Design, Web Development, Digital/Social Media Marketing, and Information Security and IT consultation.
The Team performs work for small, local businesses and State and Federal agencies at competitive rates.  
They train and mentor interns, youth, and professionals and are the only dedicated computer programming education providers in The County.
More info about the UX & Web Design Team here.

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Hours & Info
Cowork: M-F 8am - 5pm
Classes, Seminars, Private Events, times vary.