What is Coworking?

We have adopted the most inclusive definition of coworking.  We recognize that the hardscrabble economy of Aroostook County is dynamic.  Our flexible downtown space can be used by any individuals or groups.  
If you are a mother needing (or desiring) to bring your children into work for your remote job…  You can work here.  
If you are new or established business needing a central meeting location, staff workspace, or just require technical help from the UX Team… You can work here.  
If you host community events… You can work here (with free event space for nonprofits).
Learn more about coworking at HardScrabble Solutions here.

Downtown Presque Isle


Mon-Fri:  8 am – 5 pm

Hourly Rate: $8/hour
Daily Rate: $25/8-hours
Monthly: $100/unlimited

Private events: $15/hour.  Free for nonprofits.

Drop-in or make a reservation.

(Temporarily unavailable)

Caribou Suites

Dedicated Office Suite

Mon-Fri:  6 am – 8 pm (flexible)

Daily Rate: $50/day
Weekly Rate: $100/8-hours
Monthly: $250/unlimited

Conference space available. 

Special terms apply.

Contact us for details and reservations: 207-227-7388 or info@hardscrabblesolutions.org

International Coworking Visa accepted with some restrictions and reservations required.

To learn more about the movement check out: coworking.com

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