Lillie Lavado, Founder

Lillie Lavado founded HardScrabble Solutions in Downtown Presque Isle, Maine in May 2017 with a goal to provide incubation resources to small business startups run predominantly by women and low-income community members. Under Lillie’s leadership, HardScrabble strives to accommodate everyone by ensuring flexibility, encouragement, and inclusion. 

Lillie also leads the UX & Web Design Team at HardScrabble Solutions. This team offers social media & digital marketing, website design and development, and technology consultation to small busineses and nonprofits and is a registered federal contractor.

One of the greatest dilemmas facing the communities of Aroostook County that Lillie is tackling is the lack of quality, accessible computer science education for youth and adults. She develops and teaches KidzCode, KidzCode Robotics, and a variety of classes for children and adults. Lillie regularly offers workshops throughout the region and meets the needs of schools and agencies. 

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Lillie Lavado, owner of Hardscrabble Solutions in Presque Isle, seen here with her daughter Saraphina, works as a freelance web designer and opened the family-friendly co-working space in May 2017.

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