Code like a Mother is a new meetup for women who work with computer technology and those seeking to learn programming skills in a supportive environment.

Gatherings will take place, at HardScrabble Solutions in Downtown Presque Isle, Maine, with opportunity to work on a group project, socialize, and enjoy a drink and nosh on some tasty treats.

Code like a Mother is the brain-child of HardScrabble Solutions Founder, Lillie Lavado.  Lavado envisions the emergence of a cohort of Aroostook County women highly competent in computer technology that will foster economic opportunity and growth for the region.  

“Women are our society’s keepers. They pass on knowledge through the generations.  So, the segment of women I envision in Code like a Mother will aid County youth in becoming technologists themselves and thus spawn a local tech sector that can compete globally for lucrative STEM jobs.”

MotherCoders based in San Francisco possess a vision and mission similar to Code like a Mother and was a major inspiration.  

In building a new economy with greater gender equality, we envision a future where moms are strengthening communities by creating businesses and thriving in jobs with livable wages and career advancement opportunities.”

HardScrabble Solutions is a family-friendly coworking center featuring the UX & Web Design Team at HardScrabble Solutions offering full-scale technology services including web development and digital marketing.  Lavado leads this team, which includes stay-at-home parents, transitioning adults, and typical college students.  Within this bunch are individuals funneled through TechHire Maine and Fed-Cap.  

The diversity of HardScrabble Solutions’ team is the result of conscious efforts by Lavado to serve women and demographical populations commonly under-represented in the tech sector.

At times, Lavado reports that it has been difficult finding candidates who are competent with computer technology at an acceptable level.  Other times, candidates from vulnerable population segments are unable to commit to the rigorous training required to meet minimally acceptable proficiency in the technologies her team uses.  

Code like a Mother can bring together women in support of each other.  Some may already work with computer technologies and can therefore network and affirm experiences or techniques.  More importantly however, this group of women can serve as peer mentors to women who do not already work with computer technologies and bring those skills home to their children.  

“Representation matters.” 

Links to information about the event can be found below: 

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