On April 6, dozens of gallery goers passed through HardScrabble Solutions for First Friday Art Walk with artist Ian R Mowatt.

Ian R Mowatt‘s first exhibit at HardScrabble Solutions was entitled Emotional Hills.  Mowatt’s powerful ensemble of texturized oils and clean charcoals work showcased his wide-range of self-taught talent.

Those in attendance spanned diverse segments of Central Aroostook County’s population.  

Many were out in support of the University of Maine Presque Isle Art Club, Studio 923 annual 12×12 Charity Auction.  This year, that auction was showcased a few doors away from HardScrabble Solutions at Cafe Sorpreso.  Others were supporters of Mowatt including artists, farmers, and neighbors.  

Marketing efforts were ramped up by UX & Web Development intern, Brittni Basu.  Basu is a fulltime student at the Northern Maine Community College.  She staged several mass emails to the student bodies of local institutions. 

A scavenger hunt was promoted for community members to search out signed fliers distributed at several Presque Isle establishments.  Mowatt took the time to sign each flyer with a unique tag.  

Mowatt’s exhibit is on display at HardScrabble Solutions through the end of April.

Stay-tuned for May’s debut of a new artist with another original Main Street Mural and indoor exhibit at HardScrabble Solutions opening on Friday, May 4, 2018.

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