Today, our Nation remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a leader of the civil rights movement. He was not assassinated merely due to his leadership in the struggle for equal treatment of raced individuals, however. Dr. King was a champion of dignity for all peoples regardless of hue of skin and – most alarmingly to his enemies – the entire working class.

The American working class was and is comprised of people hailing from every locality of our Earth, of every supposed race and nationality, whose ancestors spoke every language, and who by will or force create the populace that we today strive to protect.

The theme of his great work is a major inspiration for the founding of HardScrabble Solutions where we too strive to bridge the challenges of modern life and self-determination, to overcome the horrid transgressions of some against our collective dignity, and to provide real solutions for systemic barriers to “making a life”.

Dr. King recognized that workers and, by extension, their families deserve systems that facilitate individual and collective advancement with the profits of our capitalist economy used to lift us all.

His great work was not only towards blurring the binary line of systemic racism but towards dismantling all of the systemic barriers to true dignity for us – all.

“We must come out of the mountain and be concerned about a more humane and just economic order.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would only have been 89 today.

Read more: Keep Moving from This Mountain address at Spelman College on 10 April 1960.

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