People make-do in rural Northern Maine and HardScrabble Solutions is doing the same by offering family-friendly coworking.

There are few tech workers in an economy centered on potato and lumber harvesting so desk space isn’t in high demand.  Most of our coworkers juggle gigs in sales or service with roles as a primary caretakers of their families’ children.  They’re almost entirely women.
Traditional coworking isn’t feasible without providing the flexibility and diverse programming we have initiated.
We have diversified our offerings in this hardscrabble economy.  Coworking is loosely defined here as basically any economic activity.  We place few restrictions on types of use for the space with flat hourly rates for private use and a tiered fee structure for shared coworking.
We offer:
  • Children’s programming 
    • KidzJam – exploring the world through music class with previous classes on Kathak, Mik’maw, Chinese
    • KidzCode – computer programming classes for pre-reader through sixth grade using plugged and unplugged activities
    • Makin’ Mine – sensory playgroup for those on the autism spectrum and typically developing
    • Family Code Night – free computer programming activities geared toward families
    • Chinese instruction – private and group lessons with native speaker
    • Ted Ed Club – geared towards teens with Ted Talks guidance
    • Girl Scouts – recruiting events such as Discover Girl Scouts and weekly troop meetings
    • La Lech League of Central Aroostook – breastfeeding support group
    • Infant Massage – group class with licensed masseuse
    • Homeschool, after school, and weekend times
    • Birthday Parties




  • Professional seminars
    • Marketing Boost Bi-weekly Potluck – topics presented by in-house User Experience & Web Designer
      • Techie tricks for tracking New Year progress
      • Quick and cheap WordPress hacks
      • Syncing multiple social media biz accounts
      • Customer Retention Mgmt (CRM) hacks
      • SEO made easy for your brand
    • Women’s professional networking meetups
    • Career track brainstorming sessions with Lillie Lavado
    • Internships for local and remote candidates in UX & Web Design, Marketing, Curriculum Development


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