Whether you work remotely or locally scheduling for can be difficult.  Consider trying one of the below options to overcome back-and-forth negotiations over times, dates, and locations.

Google Calendar – You can create slots using your Google Calendar.  This option would work only if you earmark all tasks including penciling in lunch, drive time, etc. 

To create a Slot, use your desktop and click: Create > Appointment Slots > Add Title/Start Date/Start Time/End Time/End Date/Slots Duration > Save.  Next, find the Start Date/Start Time and click to open the dialogue box > Go to appointment page for this calendar.  Share this page with whomever you are attempting to schedule an appointment. 

DoodleDoodle is a free online scheduling tool.  One can pay for access to additional features. 

Go to: Doodle.com > +Create a Doodle > Enter Title > Continue > Enter time options (date/time/duration using Month/Week/Text options) > Continue > Enter preferences > Continue > Enter your name/email > Continue > Copy/Share custom poll URL

Xoyondo – Xoyondo is an online scheduling, polling, and message board tool.  It functions in a capacity similar to Doodle

To schedule a meeting, go to: xoyondo.com > Schedule your meeting > Enter Title/Name > Next > Choose your dates by calendar/Full calendar/Text > Check box to specify Times/Enter times > Next > Select desired Advanced Options > Next > Copy link/Email link

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