We have a new Main Street Mural and exhibit up in HardScrabble Solutions for the month of December 2018. 

Local artist A. Gateau dreamed up the circuitry after observing one of the UX & Web Design team’s KidzCode classes.  In the class, children were introduced to the motherboard of a computer revealing the classic green background to a myriad of wires.

A. Gateau also installed an indoor exhibit featuring original watercolor and acrylic abstract paintings, Polaroid photography, and dump-scavenged pieces. 

The affect is engrossing with each glance revealing another element to consider inducing reflection and introspection.

Also featured indoors this month, is the work of Lin Trombley – founder of Anomic Chameleon Creatives.  Lin’s acrylics have spawned multi-media pieces incorporating woven elements.  She is also showcasing batiks.

Source for inspiration on a wintry day...
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