Have you ever wanted to build your own website or learn basic coding skills but didn’t know where to begin? Access to information in some subjects can be limited by the geographical isolation and a small population. While books are great,  they are not interactive, tend to be expensive, and can be out of date by the time the ink is dry.  The internet is full of great  resources to help break down barriers to information, and help everyone keep up with evolving technologies.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an ever evolving and expanding repository of information. It can guide you through the basics of HTML and CSS to more advanced lessons in JS and SQL. Furthermore, with its fun, informational videos and practical lessons, Khan Academy is a free resource that enables you to learn step by step at your own pace.

Khan History

The history of Khan Academy is as interesting as the material on the the site. Initially, Salman Khan, a hedge fund manager in Boston, tutored his cousin in Louisiana through the telephone and Yahoo Doodle,. Two years later he began using YouTube, allowing others to learn from his videos. In 2008,  Khan became a 501c3 non-profit company, with large donations from Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since then it has become a first stop for learners everywhere.

Error checking feature

Here is an example of the error checking feature.


The site includes many helpful features to  point you in the right direction if you are stuck, and has a fun point system that you can use to unlock avatars for your profile. Most noteworthy,  is the real time error checker. It makes figuring out what one is doing wrong easier without having to re-watch the video lesson.

Khan Academy has a broad range of subject material. Whether you need to brush up on your math skills or learn to create a webpage, there is something for everyone.  Best of all it is free. Paid resources are great for more advanced tutorials. However, for the basics there is no need to break the bank. Additionally, it is recommended highly for beginners. Visit  Khan Academy  and begin acquiring the information you need today

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