We have the freedom to experiment at HardScrabble Solutions where adults and children can work side-by-side.  

On Saturdays, Lillie Lavado hosts the Makin’ Mine – Sensory Playgroup and throughout the week children of coworkers and those in childcare explore these activities further.  

On February 24, 2018, children were invited to explore sensory bins filled with gardening media.  First Amendment Soil sourced and mixed locally in Presque Isle was donated by Here We Grow along with seedling trays, and Johnny’s Seeds organic wheat grass seeds.  We added items we might find in our garden soil including potatoes, radishes, carrots, onion bulbs, rocks, nuts, and pinecones.  

The children also explored hydro stones.  They were prompted to consider differences between raising plants in water and hydro stones versus in soil.  We planted organic wheat grass sprouts in jars of soil and hydro stones and will report observations of any differences in growth rates or otherwise to each other next week.

Come cowork with us and join this awesome business model!  Parents and caretakers in attendance are always welcome to dig into the sensory media, too.  Or, they can simply relax on the comfy couch and admire the gallery exhibit and use the Wi-Fi to get some virtual chores done.   

Children of coworkers and those in childcare explore these weekly sensory activities further throughout the week.  We have several children who join us at HardScrabble for quality childcare.  They get the bonus of access to enriching activities that spark creativity and learning.   

Training for our growing UX & Web Development team is starting soon.  Individuals employed directly by HardScrabble Solutions are invited to bring their children to work.  This opportunity does not exist anywhere in Aroostook County with the possible exception of teachers whose children attend the same school of their employment.  

As always, there’s a desk or comfy spot for you to work from in a supportive atmosphere.  Coworking facilitates camaraderie and provides insipriation.  Those who opperate their own businesses or freelance can benefit emmensely from working in HardScrabble Solutions.  We are affordable and flexible with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and customizable price structures.  We honor the international Coworking Visa program, too.

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